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mother's condition when police say he became overwhelmed emotionally distraught. at that point he pulled a small calibre handgun from his waistband and opened fire. within minutes this campus was on lockdown and patients were being evacuated. baltimore police say warren davis was standing outside this room listening to the news of his mother's condition when he pulled a gun and fired one shot. hitting the doctor, who delivered the news. >> the doctor collapsed just outside the doorway of the room, and mr. davis was last seen running into the room, brandishing the handgun in the direction of his mother who was confined to the bed. >> reporter: in the confusion that followed, police weren't sure exactly what they were dealing with. patients were evacuated off the 8th floor as the wounded doctor was wheeled to the emergency
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room. ashley davis saw the wounded daughter at he went by. >> he was talking, everything like that, and, i mean, he looked -- he appeared to be fine to me when i seen him. i only seen him probably about 30 seconds. >> reporter: employees were told by e-mail and text messages to shelter in place. >> my boss told me what happened. there was a guy running around with a gun and to stay put and that was it. >> what did you do at that point? >> i stayed put and then i came out here with my co-workers. >> reporter: after assessing the situation, police reopened the campus, but kept several floors of the nelson building locked down. >> at about 1:30 p.m., our s.w.a.t team was able to determine that inside the room we were able to see that mr. davis was down on the floor suffering from an apparent
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gunshot wound and that his mother was also unresponsive in her bed. >> reporter: johns hopkins officials says the police response left them breathless. the warnings performed flawlessly. preliminarily, they believe davis is from remington, virginia, they identified the mother as jean davis. fox news and the baltimore sun are reporting that the doctor's name is david cohen, an orthopaedic surgeon and staff doctor here at hospital. there is some questions about security here at hopkins. there are no metal detectors here but officials who know about the security here say that anyone who comes to visit or even comes on to the campus is asked to show identification and has to wear a wrist band.
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at this point they are reassessing their security here at hopkins campus. laura. >> paul, give us the condition of the doctor and do you know what news he delivered that led to the shooting or what he told the gunman before the shot was fired? >> reporter: there are some stories going around, laura, about what that news is but it's unconfirmed so i won't share it at this point. as far as the doctor's condition, as of 3 p.m. we were told by hopkins officials that he was still in the operating room but was expected to survive. >> paul wagner, thanks very much. we'll continue to cover this and you can depend on fox 5 for more coverage. go to for more on the gunman. it's there on the home page. following breaking news in the district. a man in a cherry picker was shocked by a power line in the northeast. the bucket hit the wires, he's
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been taken to the hospital. we have a crew headed to the scene. we'll bring you more information as we get it. a deadly ambulance crash in prince george's county, three people are dead. the victims in an suv that crossed into the path of an ambulance rushing to an emergency call. this happened overnight. and john hanrahan has been working this story all day and joins us with the latest. >> reporter: there were no obvious signs of alcohol or drug usage at the scene. the video has not been made public of cameras who saw the scene, but we inter viewed someone who saw it. two families are mourning the deaths of three young men in a two-vehicle accident involving a fast moving sport utility vehicle and an ambulance. tony burney was a passenger in the suv. >> real good guy, real good guy
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to know. give you the shirt off his back if he could. just a real good guy. >> reporter: the other two victims were uncle and nephew, 22-year-old andri watley was deaf. >> he could read lips. he graduated from high school. he attended prom. he had a job at shoppers warehouse. he was loved by all. a very intelligent, bright, happy child. everyone loved him. >> reporter: emanuel jones, andri's uncle, was driving. a camera in the ambulance recorded the suv southeast bound on marlboro pike apparently crossing the double yellow line into the path of the ambulance. mark brady saw the video. >> you can see in the distance, the far distance a set of headlights. there is a second set of headlights that is in the eastbound direction but in their correct lane of travel flicking their lights, either attempting to warn the driver that's in the wrong lane or maybe other traffic of the impending danger.
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>> reporter: the video shows shows the ambulance driver taking evasive action. the two emts aboard suffered minor injuries. after the collision. the suv hit a brick well, and a utility pole, turned over, landing on the roof. all three men were pronounced dead at the scene. it will take days or weeks to complete the investigation of this. >> do you know what the s.o.p. is in this accident? they're interviewed i'm sure, do they have time without pay, time off without pay? >> reporter: i don't know. mark brady told me they were physically shaken up, sore from the accident, so i don't think they'll be on duty for a couple of days. my guess is, like most departments there will be drug and alcohol tests of everyone involved and they'll do blood work on the three bodies recovered from the suv. >> terrible situation. john hanrahan, thank you. police arrested a man after
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this crash in bethesda. investigators aren't saying why the man in the jeep cherokee was arrested. a woman and child were in the toyota that was hit and no one was hurt. . now to a developing story on the change of leadership in the district. attorney general peter nickel says he won't work for vincent grey who is likely to be the next mayor. grey defeated mayor fenty in the primary tuesday. nickel says he will help with the transition to grey's administration and resign at the end of the year. grey says he would not keep nickels on as his attorney general. the upcoming change in mayors is having an impact. the democratic party is working to soothe any hard feelings and they started with a unity breakfast this morning. it's the first time we've seen the new candidate with the current mayor since the primary. we have the story from the northeast. >> reporter: in a heavily democratic town, vincent grey is
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expected to be the next mayor. he came to the democratic state committee breakfast at israel baptist church to highlight issues he says are important to us. >> like our schools, like public safety, and getting people back to work again. >> reporter: he was warmly received by all including the incumbent mayor. >> it was a tough campaign. and i think the democratic nominee and i, we fought hard. it was all fought in the best spirit but it's good to show publicly that all that stuff is left on the campaign. >> reporter: after every primary the state committee brings the winners and the losers together. >> it's about starting the healing process and now we got to be one city, one people, one party. >> one city! one city! one city! >> reporter: with grey's vision for the future. he's planning town hall meetings in all eight wards and possible
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a citizen summit after the general election. he's still stalled about questions about his plans for the school chancellor. >> i tried to reach her, she tried to reach me. we'll continue. we'll sit down and talk. >> reporter: he won't make personnel decisions until after the election but some council members are hoping he won't fire reed. >> i think it would be a great loss for the city, to jeopardise the momentum that has been built for change. >> reporter: and while this was mostly about unity, there were reminders that the unpleasant in the mayoral campaign which early on grey was not expected to win. >> adrian fenty had $4 million in the bank and talking about money, money came by . voters will go to the polls
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to elect a new mayor november 2nd. new crime numbers are out and there is a 24% spike in crime during the first half of the year compared to 2009. transit police recorded more than 1,000 assaults, theft, and other crimes. thieves are targeting electronic devices. they kicked off a safety campaign warning riders to keep their property secure. the hiring practices of a metro contractor in question tonight. mv transportation is under investigation after four metro access drivers are accused of sexually assaulted disabled customers. the contractor hired and employed the drivers to work for metro access. the california based company says an independent council will lead the investigation of its hiring and training practices. the man charged in a fort hood massacre is before a judge. a trip to the united kingdom. that's my story, coming up. inventors creating the cars
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of the future. now, three of them have won a $10 million prize. . >> well, we've been waiting on this for quite a while. some rain, even thunderstorms out there this evening. taking a look at radar. where is it going and how long are we going to see some rain. we'll have your first look at the forecast coming up. >> keep it right here, fox 5 news at five is just getting started. 
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. a military judge is refusing to close the hearing for the accused fort hood shooter. a major for nidal hasan wanted to keep an upcoming hearing confidential. the judge said the families of the 13 people killed have a right to hear the testimony. hasan is accused of opening fire on the texas army bass killing 13 people and wounding 32 others. he was shot and is paralyzed from the waist down.
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the government accountability office is going to review the f.b.i.'s methods in concluding that simons acted alone. he killed himself before charges were filed against him. g.o. was checking to see if there are concerns that remain in the case. [ singing ]. a crowd of 16,000 singing outside the pope's visit to the u.k. he arrived in edinburgh. he issued some of his strongest remarks on the sex abuse scandal. we have that story. >> reporter: pope benedict 16th
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landing in edinburgh. the pontiff making a four-day trip through the u.k. he talked about the global child sex abuse scandal involving catholic priests. he said he was shocked by the what he called the perversion of the priesthood. >> it is with great sadness that the authorities of the church were not quick and decisive in taking the necessary measures. >> reporter: the queen greeting the pope. >> religions can never become vehicles of hatred, but never by invoking the name of god can evil and violence be justified. today in this country, we stand united in that conviction. we hold that freedom to worship is at the core of our tolerant
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and democratic society. >> today the united kingdom strives to be a modern and multiculture society. may it always maintain its respectful values,. >> reporter: he received a warm welcome from folks in scotland as he rode in the pope mobile through the streets. well, back here in our area, grey skies earlier and the rain starting coming down. >> it rained hard in the beginning and i don't know how it is out there now. grey most of the day. not bad temperaturewise. >> this may surprise you, and i feel the same way you did. briefly today at national the temperature jumped to 90 degrees. >> wow. >> really? who knew. >> can you believe that? limited amounts of sunshine,
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warm front comes through, and that's helped to spark showers, even a couple of thunderstorms, too. we get to the radar to show you where the rain is and where the rain is not. the heaviest rain, the thunderstorms, are across the bay now, up towards delaware. but earlier just east of baltimore, those storms were fairly fierce, and just across the bay there in northern and north eastern sections of maryland, that is actually some severe thunderstorm warnings in place. nothing for us, though. notice back here to leesburg, frederick, manassas, a little heavier along i-81. the strongest of the rain right now, and this does not appear to the thunderstorm activity, up towards the bay, we're not getting any lightning out of that. here is trueview with the bigger picture. we have what we're getting now, up in ohio there is another line of showers and thunderstorms. that is actually severe weather and that is forming. so we keep thunderstorms and
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just a spotty thunderstorm, more like showers, right on through the evening forecast. doesn't rook like we're going to have much in the way of heavy rain, maybe just some light with moderate pockets of rain, but we have to keep the forecast of rain in overnight simply because of the showers and thunderstorms up in ohio. they're going to pass through later on this evening. so a couple of chances of getting some rain here. we're talking weekend coming up, that forecast in a little bit. >> we do need the rain. clinton portis's day to address the media and there were plenty of questions to answer regarding his latest contraf si. we have clinton's response. so, what was it. >> the controversy centered around comments portis made on the radio on tuesday when he jokingly said that female in lockerrooms were checking players out. it was a reference to ines sains
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that she was uncomfortable in the lockerroom. his mouth was taped shut today and he communicated via his notebook where he said god bless you and have a good day. clinton didn't say anything but cooley did on the subject of interacting with the media. >> i don't think i've really tried to think about what i'm saying in interviews. i know that you don't ever say the wrong things but i'll try my best. >> albert hainsworth did not take any team reps today at practice. mike shanahan said he sprained his ankle yesterday. good news for moore, he wore pads and went through drills and could possibly play next week. he suffered a torn acl in his right knee in the second preseason game. back to you. >> safe to say he saved himself thousands of dollars by keeping his mouth shut. >> i guess if you can't say
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anything, tape your mouth shut. >> probably listened to his mom. >> can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all. >> that's right. tonight a simple over-the-counter medication might be the key to prevent cancer. caught on camera, a mother training her toddler to smoke pot. it's a story you have to see to believe. we'll be right back.
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. we have a health alert now that could help prevent cancer. researchers in scotland say taking a low dose aspirin could reduce your risk of colon cancer. people who took aspirin daily for up to five years were 30% less likely to develop cancer. the study was not controlled and relied solely on people's recollections. the american cancer society does not recommend taking aspirin to ward off cancer because aspirin can have harmful side-effects. severe acne may be more than a physical problem for some young people. researchers say acne may
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increase the risk of depression and suicidal thoughts among teens. doctors from norway did a study comparing teens with severe acne to those with little or no acne. they found both boys and girls were severe acne had more suicidal thoughts than those who didn't. take a look. police say in this video the mother is coaching the 2-year-old, two years old, how to hold a joint. the cell phone video was taken back in august but it was released by the prosecutor's office in cincinnati, ohio. according to prosecutors, someone who saw this incident turned this video over to police. >> i'm just grateful that somebody in the community was savvy enough and smart enough and cared enough about this little girl that they forwarded it to authorities. >> if the mother is convicted
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she could be sentenced to 11 years behind bars. >> you wonder what people are thinking. just awful. >> no kidding. nothing like cash to get people to go green. >> we're talking $10 million and bragging rights. we'll take you inside the cars that are competing for a major prize, next. beth. we don't have beth but we'll get back to her. and american idol fans, the show is shaking up auditions. the brand new way to land your ticket to hollywood. keep it right here, fox5 news at fix coming right back. -- five coming right back. n
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ring ring. progresso. i look great in my wedding dress with the help of your amazing light soups. now we're adding even bigger pieces of white-meat chicken. oh, so when's the big day? oh, we got married years ago. but the point is, i fit in it. well, good for you. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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should we order panda blossom, panda moon... how about chinese at home with wanchai ferry? you can make it in just 14 minutes. mmmh, orange chicken. great. i didn't feel like going out anyway. [ male announcer ] wanchai ferry. restaurant quality chinese in your grocer's freezer. . we have more now on the breaking news in the district. man in a cherry picker was shocked by a power line in the northeast today. we have live on the scene right now. what is the latest information there? >> reporter: well, conflicting information on the scene here. let me step aside and show you
5:30 pm
what's going on here. apparently the two men involved in this were work for the civil construction company. what we're hearing is a man was helping to direct this huge concrete block into this trench and the man who was helping to guide that concrete block into the trench touched a chain link and was electrocuted. the truck here touched a power line or something. but the man who was helping to direct the concrete into the trench was shocked. he is a 30-year-old man. he is had severe burns, transported to the hospital with serious and life-threatening injuries we're being told. you can see pepco crews are on the scene trying to restore power. not a lot of outages, from the insection on rigs road and first street up to where we are right now. there is some power outage. one man injured on the scene, a construction worker with serious to life threatening injuries. two men were involved in the accident.
5:31 pm
the person inside this truck and the man that was injured. questions right now about should there have been more people on the scene to help to avert a problem like this. it is under investigation. dc fire, ems on the scene earlier this afternoon. but again, the investigation underway. one man skwrd, taken to the hospital with severe and life threatening injuries. that is the latest from the scenity. i should tell you, pepco working to restore power. they anticipate it having back on any minute now, but that is, again, the scene here from third street and rigs northeast where one construction worker for civil construction has been injured in a workplace accident. back to you in the studio. build a better car, win millions of dollars. hundreds of teens answered the challenge of the automotive x prize and today three winners were announced. we are introduced to the cars of the future. >> reporter: the first mass produced plug-in electric vehicles come to the dc market
5:32 pm
this fall. these new competitors are on their heels showing that getting the e kwif equivalent of 100 miles a gallon or better. >> reporter: they were told to build a car. >> could anybody do it? with x prizes we try to set an audacious goal. >> reporter: five years later the dream is a reality as three teams stepped forward to share the $10 million purse and the congratulations. >> we need a few less financial engineers and a few more real engineers like the guys behind us here. >> reporter: in the alternative category, the winners were two battery electric vehicles, both rating 187 miles a gallon. the x tracer from switzerland is a tandem two seater which looked like a covered motorcycle. the this one is a four wheeled
5:33 pm
two seater. glen renwick is ceo sponsor progressive insurance. >> this is great. several years in the making. we're proud we created that opportunity. >> reporter: edson two out of lynchburg, virginia, its car with seat four people. >> it's great. >> reporter: and gets 102 miles a gallon using e-85 ethanol. winning vehicles have to be production capable, safe, and affordable. >> we, upon our self, put the burden of designing a car that could be in your hands for less than 25,000. >> reporter: 111 teams started out including salisbury motors featured last year. >> i wouldn't miss it for the world, you know. with a stroke of luck we could have been there, too. >> reporter: more so than just prize money, the competition inspired collaboration and
5:34 pm
innovation among great thinkers pushing each other to redesign what's possible and accelerating the future. now the end goal is for the winners to be able to produce 10,000 vehicles by 2014. they are eligible for a department of energy program that may be able to help them do that. >> i was going to ask, and now i know when i'll be able to buy one. hopefully after 2014. >> i'm not sure how practical they are, but for other people, if you want just that one commuter car, i don't know if i could drive one of those two wheeled covered motorcycles but they do the trick and they're cool. >> and you say this has been going on for five years. any creations that made it on to the road? >> reporter: it took five years for the concept of the prize to finally award. >> i see. >> reporter: so a long actual prize in the making, you know. >> okay. >> reporter: that's what they do. they took out these big surprises, they had a space x prize, lots of prizes, including one for someone to come up and
5:35 pm
clean up oil spills. they come up with these big ideas, and challenge people to solve the problem. >> great way to do it. >> reporter: money always works. >> thank you, mel. . now to our focus on the economy. after weeks of haggling the senate passed a bill designed to help small businesses. president obama urged congress to approve the measure. he says it will help small businesses expand and allow them to hire new workers. >> creating jobs is what people send us here to do and now is the time to do it. >> it's time our friends on the other side got serious about jobs and the economy. >> the bill is just another bail out that will help increase the federal budget deficit says the minor leader. it will create $30 billion of government funds to help small businesses get loans. troubling new numbers saying
5:36 pm
the foreclosure problem is getting work. lenders repossessed more homes last month than in any months since the housing crisis began. they seized 95,000 properties, up 3% from july, and it's 25% higher than it was a year ago. the big apple taking steps to help americans kick the habit. >> smoking could be banned in more than restaurants and government businesses. where else you can't light up, coming up in a couple of minutes. we're not done with missions to space. the scoop on these rovers and where they're headed, next.  [ horn honks, indistinct conversations ] nobody does pan pizza like your mom. [ male announcer ] red baron pan pizza and pan pasta. pizza with a thick crust that's golden crisp on the outside and light on the inside. red baron. bring home that pizzeria taste.
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. a rare sight off the coast of california. a pod of endangered blue whales spotted swimming near re-dondo
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beach. take a look at the person rogue alongside them and you can see how big they are. scientists believe there are 20 to 30 whales swimming in that area attracting tourists and whale watchers from all over the place. they're actually only about 10,000 blue whales in the world. nasa is testing new space technology in arizona. they brought moon roverers and robots to the desert. they're running mock missions to see if the rovers to be used in human space exploration. this is the 13th year testing the equipment in the arizona desert. today is a big day in the world of guinness. that's right. the 2011 edition of the guinness world book of records is out. from the breath taking to the bizarre. here is the world's smallest cow. only 33 inches long, and there you go, that's puggy the dog. he has the longest tongue. and check out the jumping jack
5:41 pm
russell, can pop 100 balloons and get this laurel, he can pop 100 battalions 44.49 seconds. i mean, who -- this is my question, who sits home and thinks of feats? i think we can come up with something and get guinness to come out. congratulations to the jumping jack russell. i assume that guy is the guy with the longest beard. >> i remember when i was a kid seeing the nails, the longest fingernails which was disturbing to me. i don't know why. >> i wanted to break in when i was a child by swinging in our backyard. my sister and i lasted for an hour and we quit. we gave up. it was certainly longer than an hour, the record. >> fun to watch. >> this is no world record but the tropics are active. >> several major storms right now, keeping track, gary is coming back with the laidest model and a peek at the weekend
5:42 pm
forecast, coming up. n i thought i parked on level 2.
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. many charities are hurting in this tough economy. but now with some virginia non-profits are getting a boost they didn't anticipate. it's coming from aun expected place. >> reporter: -- an unexpected place. >> reporter: jerry is days from turning 65. he's been putting his life in order, giving money to charity. there are places he thinks saved his life. >> if i hadn't lived here, i might not be talking to you today. >> reporter: jerry is homeless. since february 2002 he's been living here at the winchester rescue mission. >> this is home. >> yes. >> reporter: he does the laundry and answers the phone. he's been saving up money from his social security checks. now he's donating $1,000 to the mission, $1,000 to the nonprofit community coalition action project, and $500 to a free clinic. >> he had the opportunity.
5:46 pm
he could have done whatever he wanted with that, but his heart told him to give it where it's most needed. >> reporter: some of the money he donated will go to this program. the idea is for men who come to the mission and need help to be able to come here to this warehouse and learn a trade. >> he's giving back what people have given to me. >> reporter: vickie runs the free clinic of the northern shenandoah valley. the donation. >> stopped me in my tracks. it touched my heart and to know that he had the appreciation and the understanding of val value of the services we provided. >> reporter: when you see someone who is homeless remember. >> they're people, too. >> impressive. we asked him why he didn't use the money to rent an apartment. he says he loves being at the shelter. he works there seven days a week. that's inspiring. >> who says we never run good news.
5:47 pm
>> you have interesting news today when you talk about the high, the official high, didn't feel like that outside to me. >> 92 was the official high at reagan national today. i didn't even know there was sunshine. i didn't know that would have been possible without sunshine. hey, you know, joke's on me. it wasn't that warm a little bit farther north, okay, because the warm front came through late this afternoon and that's when that temperature jumped up into the lower 90s. but if you are in alexandria, arlington, maybe southern parts of the city, you felt it this afternoon when the temperature jumped up there. we're going to start out with max hd radar, what we're seeing most of the heavy thunderstorms have moved on to the northeast. actually, up into delaware and then farther up into parts of jersey here. this has become severe. here we're just dealing with a little bit of light rain shower activity. it's little bit stronger. i-81 up through washington county up tlur hagerstown, but
5:48 pm
light up frederick county and across i-70. down south, hit or miss shower, folks are traveling down i-95, probably enough rain to really jam up the traffic down that way. but we're not talking about anything too terribly bad here. in terms of what we have this evening, let me show you what's going on out there. spotty storm possible right on through the evening hours but more than likely what we're really going to have is passing showers. temperatures in the 80s and down into the 70s eventual hi. winds about 5 to 15 miles hour. the showers and the thunderstorms started moving across late this afternoon but again in advance of this, where this was some sunshine, temperatures really heated up, into the upper 80s and lower 90s north of the district and back out into western maryland is stayed only in the upper 70s and the lower 80s. here is what's going on. one area passing by now, but look at the thunderstorms, this is right now, into eastern sections of ohio. this is what we're going to have
5:49 pm
to deal with, it looks like, later this evening. so we have one batch passing through now, and then more thunderstorms, more showers possible for us during the overnight hours. want to show you the tropics because we still a hurricane igor, category 3 hurricane, and julia which has come down to that category 1 hurricane. igor is still very, very impressive. we have the spaghetti models on here or the tracks potential that the models are thinking and you can see how both hurricanes come out into the atlantic and then take a big turn. so we're not worried about those. at least not here on the east coast. igor will brush bermuda and we're hoping he weakens substantially before he gets there. down here emerging into the bay of kampichi. we have hurricane carl. it has come off the yucatan, it's gotten strong are.
5:50 pm
let me show the specifics on carl now. back up to a hurricane maximum sustained winds 80 miles an hour. very warm down here in this bay and this is a chance that karl may strengthen to a category 2 hurricane before it makes land fall down here in southern sections of mexico. this one will stay away from the u.s. as well. we could continue to have a very, very active hurricane season over the next six weeks. warm tomorrow, sunny, too. a few clouds starting off lingering from the showers overnight tonight. mostly sunny at noon. 81 degrees and back up into the middle 80s by tomorrow afternoon with partly cloudy conditions. one batch of showers moving through, overnight tonight here comes that other passing shower activity moving across, and by tomorrow morning we should be pretty good to go and through the afternoon tomorrow, i expect
5:51 pm
lots of sunshine out there. and again, temperatures warming up into the middle 80s tomorrow. the weekend still looks real, real nice with temperatures in the lower 80s. low humidity, and a lot of sunshine. we cool off a little bit on monday, 79. and tuesday, we're right back up to 83 degrees or so. so passing showers this evening and overnight. won't amount to much rain, though, probably if you're lucky, maybe a quarter of an inch of rain in the rain buckets out there this ev thank you. >> we'll take it. >> all right, thanks, gary. remember this? betty white's super bowl commercial? she's been in show biz for six decades but she's crediting last year's commercial with relaunching her comeback. she has another gig this year. dorito. >> it was a very fun exciting thing, but all sorts of new doors kept opening up afterwards because they -- a lot of people
5:52 pm
who may not have seen me on anything else saw me on the super bowl. whole new audience. >> by the way, the crash the super bowl contest gives amateurs a chance to make their own commercials for the coveted super bowl spot. >> she has had quite a year. talk of the town, tmz, was michael jackson's death avoidable? that is what his mother is saying. what is the latest with this situation? >> reporter: you know, it's not even katherine jackson alone, it's katherine and all the children going after aeg live because they breached their contract because they were supposed to look after jackson and his health. that they were not looking at his well-being than they did not do a background check on conrad murray. here is the thing i got to say. michael jackson was a drug addict. he was the one that wanted conrad murray to come along with
5:53 pm
him. were they going to tell michael jackson, no, you can't have your doctor? no, i don't think so. i think everybody is trying to blame someone else for his death when in reality he has himself to blame for his death. >> have has aeg responded to the accusations? >> reporter: i ran over here after doing another live shot, but it's on the website. >> and hopefully you guys will be talking about it in the next couple of shows tmz on tv. a revenge on a classmate, what's that all about? >> reporter: when she went out and she called out that guy in the audience during her performance saying he was the most popular guy in school and that, you know, she -- he would never date her and look where she's at now. he's firing back now, saying, look i'm engaged to my high school sweet heart and we took one look at her picture and she is smoking hot. so i think he's still won out in
5:54 pm
the long run. >> okay. we'll look for you guys 6:30 right here on fox5 news. a new season and judges and new way to audition. contests must be between the ages of 15 and 28 and submit a video on myspace no longer than 40 seconds in length. some hopefuls will get a golden ticket to hollywood. for details, go to, look under web links. >> i guess a lot more people will now try to do that so they don't have to travel. >> absolutely. >> cheap. >> stand in line. >> almost free. let's check in for what's coming up at six. coming up in six minutes, horror inside the halls of a prestigious hospital. we're going to have live reports. alarming statistics from the census bureau shows how painful
5:55 pm
the recession has been. the number of americans living below the poverty line raising lots of eyebrows. spy satellite network is looking to upgrade its espionage arsenal. an ambitious project, that's at six. 
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. taking a smoke break could be tougher in new york city. the mayor is pushing for a ban in city parks. >> it doesn't interfere with me walking around here. people smoking, smoke goes in nigh face, i think if you're going to smoke, do it in your own place. >> what about the cars in the street? . the exhaust is worse than the
5:59 pm
cigarettes. >> city council have to approve the bill before it becomes a law. thanks for joining us tonight at if i at five. -- at five. >> news edge at six starts now. . my boss he running in and told me that there was a guy running around with a gun, and to stay put. >> horror in east baltimore. a gunman enters johns hopkins and opens fire. a man distraught over the condition of his mother pulled out a gun, shot her doctor in the doorway of her hospital room, and then the alleged gunman, ran back into the room, shot his mother and turned the gun on himself. for an hour everyone on the vast campus was told to seek cover. we have a live report. >> reporter: brian, johns hopkins knew this man as warren davis. he h
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